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Marriage is a covenant between a man and woman, to remain faithful to each other until death.  Marriage is not based on one’s affections for each other, for emotions come and go. It does not mean staying in love or feeling the same butterflies all the time. Long lasting marriages exist because of the husband and wife’s decision to stick to the promise they made in front of God.

The definition of marriage in our society today has been transformed and altered so drastically that the holiness of marriage has been stripped. The option of divorce causes marriage to no longer truly represent God’s faithfulness to his people. Divorce serves as an easy escape and encourages couples to act spontaneously and irrationally. The idea of divorce has been around for so long that our society is numb to the negative impacts and shame that comes with it. Many people consider divorce a solution to their problems when they feel that their affections for each other have disappeared. This is because society has taught us that marriage is about finding a significant other who makes you feel good. If that person does not make you feel good anymore, then that person is not the right person for you. This perspective is focused on the self; instead of what God intended marriage to be.  One of God’s intent in marriage is for us to learn what sacrificial love is, and by His grace and power, keep the covenant in a demonstration of God’s love for us.Marriage was never meant to be easy or stress-free. Marriage requires that both husband and wife display God’s sacrificial love towards each other. It means doing things one may not necessarily want to do, and serving each other in selfless ways. Marriage requires forgiveness for and from each other when either one is wronged. Above all else, marriage means a life-long commitment especially during the times when one wants to give up.

Marriage can be the most challenging thing one will ever face, but it can also be the best way that one can glimpse God’s love and covenant with us.





◎ Cathy Huang, 女, 19 歲