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A fleeting moment. A quick glance. A passing chance. On a day-to-day basis, we may label these instances as insignificant.  However, upon closer inspection, we may find a certain value among these seemingly trivial details.  An occurrence such as the sunrise may be unimportant to some, but may spark hope in the lives of those who appreciate each and every waking morning. By treasuring our time and acknowledging that our presence in this world is a blessing, we may be able to find that life is meant to be cherished.

Life, as we know it, seems to be an abstract entity. We tend to complain about the unjust situations and the complexity of it. Moreover, we tend to forget the importance of living until we are faced with the sheer fragility of it.

I remember it clearly now. It seemed like any other normal day. The heat of the golden Southern California sun beat down onto the pavement as the drone of lazy flies and the chirp of spring birds pierced the atmosphere. A sticky ice cream cone, with two scoops of Baskin Robbins’ Cookies and Cream, was in my hand as I made my way to my grandparent’s room. I had been told that there was something I needed to know. Weary about the confrontation but a little curious, I stepped inside, unsure of what to expect. Ten minutes was all it took to deliver a massive weight on my shoulders and a realization of the worst.  My grandma had explained that she had lung cancer and that her time was wearing thin. Upon hearing and processing those words, my casual demeanor instantly faded. Her days were numbered and I was terrified of the outcome. Through these ten minutes, I reached an epiphany. Life was short and it could decide to flicker out at any moment.

To be honest, beforehand, I was eager to waste my days and take the simple beauty of the world for granted. Nothing seemed important and my focus was unclear. My days were a drag and I did not find the importance of seeking the true meaning. Days were wasted in participating on meaningless things; things that I do not quite remember anymore. At a moment, it caused me to regret the time spent. But by regretting, I lost composure and tumbled into an even deeper hole.

But through all of this, I came to find a solution to this dilemma. By focusing on the mistakes and trials of my past, my perception became warped and I began to lose heart in taking advantage of a new beginning. Instead, I followed down the path of remorse. Yet, life is not simply a platform we must live. We were all put here for a reason.  To make the most out of it, we have to capture the moments that matter most to us, look, and zoom in. Our focus should not be zeroed in our blunders or our downfalls, although those are all learning lessons. Instead, it should be focused on the little delights of life. These are the pleasures that we have been gifted to experience.  Although fleeting, it may initiate a noteworthy result. A smile today may blossom into a friendship tomorrow. Or perhaps an unfortunate change today may spur a massive career. The beauty of treasuring these moments in our day is that everything, good and bad, is entirely uncertain. If we knew everything already, what is there left to find? Absolutely nothing! Without the twists and turns of a maze, we will not see the different facets of what life has to offer.

The decision to value each passing day is entirely up to an individual. Perhaps one may find the day-to-day monotony as unimportant. However, these boring aspects shape life, as we know it. Instead of complaining about the normality of the situation, we should take up the challenge of making our lives more enjoyable by seeing the beauty behind every incident. By painting the minor details a little brighter, we can grasp the intricacy of the portrait we were meant to finish. In our final days, will we be able to say that we had done everything we are entrusted to? The answer would probably be a no. Yet, a further note may be that at least we tried to.

Treasuring the now is the most important choice we can make in this moment. Instead of dwelling on the past or avoiding the future, we should take advantage of the basic satisfactions we have come to casually look over and always keep an open mind to the seemingly small parts. Stop where you are to take a moment to look around and breathe in the purity of life.  Enjoy the small instances for those may be the very essence of your being. Reach out and grasp the enticing fruits of life to unravel its mystery. Take a step into murky waters in hopes of finding a jewel among the depths.

Number your days and live each one to the fullest.








◎  Caroline Sun 孫佩華(十二年級)