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感恩 Thankfulness

Often time, we heard people saying that “this generation is a generation without gratitude”.  Is this comment fair and square?

To me, being thankful means to acknowledge the aspects in your life that you appreciate. I am thankful for many things. However, I often have trouble expressing my appreciation. I have issues. I never acknowledge what I have until it’s gone and then I realize how thankful I am for those things. It’s bad. Don’t do it. I think from now on, I’m going to take time to analyze things in my life I wouldn’t be able to live without, which is basically everything… and take time to appreciate them because one day I know they won’t be there anymore. I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. Things that I am thankful for include all of my material belongings, and the relationships I have with others. I’m slowly learning to appreciate what I have and concentrate on being appreciative about what I have instead of focusing on what I do not have. I’ve learned that the material things in life will eventually go out of style, get lost or stolen, or you’ll somehow outgrow them. Same with relationships, people die, people change, and relationships change. Nothing will remain the same, so with a thankful heart, I’m trying to enjoy what I have now, including people and material belongings, because later, I may not have it anymore. (Benedicta Chan)

I am grateful for what I have … most of the time. Yet, at times I do find myself wishing for bigger and better things.  When I feel like it, I am pretty good at saying thank you; however, sometimes it slips my mind.  Besides, I don’t think my parents would mind.  Often, when I try to express my gratitude, my parents seems very uneasy.  (Joshua Leung)

I appreciated what my parents did for me most of the time, but, I just do not know how to express my feelings.  It is kind of rare… (Jenny Wong)

Honestly, I cannot say that I’ve stop taking things for granted, but through a mission trip to Asia in the summer, my world perspective on gratitude had certainly grew.  There are many types of people in this world living different lives.  Some of them live in extremely poverty.  And yet they deal with each day with a strong mind.  On contrary, I do not appreciate my life that I have.  When I reflected upon my attitude, I realized how spoiled I was.  Not only did I not appreciate the valuables chances that I had, I whined about it.  (Arron Choi)

I know for sure how hard my parents work to provide the life style that we have.  But, you know we are teenagers, we do not want to talk about things like that.  Just because we don’t express our gratitude, doesn’t mean that we don’t have a thankful heart.  I hate being labeled. After all, we are family, right? (James Ma)


我覺得感恩就是承認,生命中那些值得你感激的東西。我是蠻感恩的,只是,我不懂得怎樣去表達而已。我有我的問題。我從不為所擁有的,表示感謝。等到這些都沒有了,我才察覺到,能擁有這些東西,是何等大的福氣。這是不對的,千萬不要步我的後塵。我想,從現在開始,我會花時間去發掘生命中,一些不可或缺的東西,然後,珍重之。因為,有一天它們都會消失,我要趁著它們還在時,好好的享受。我要感恩的,包括我所擁有的一切物質及與其他人的關係。我在學習為這樣感恩的同時,也嘗試把眼光放在我所有的,而不是我沒有的東西上。因為,我知道物質的東西會過時、會朽壞、會失去、會被偷或是不再合用了。人際關係也一樣,人會改變、會死亡,人與人的關係也會隨時改變。沒有東西是不變的,因此,我必須學會存感激的心,去享受現在所有的一切,包括人與物,因為,再過片時,也許一切都會成過去。 (Benedicta Chan)

很多時候,我會為所擁有的感謝。但,有時,我還是希望有更好、更大的東西。當我有感而發時,我會跟家人道謝,但,有時,我還是會忘記。我想爸媽也不會介意。往往,當我嘗試向他們表示謝意時,他們反而會顯得很不自在。(Joshua Leung)

父母為我做的一切,我都銘記於心,只是我不知道怎樣去表達。蠻別扭的! (Jenny Wong)

說實話,我並沒有停止把事物看成理所當然的。但,去年暑假,透過亞洲的一次短宣活動,我對感恩的觀點,委實改變了不少。世上有許許多多的人,過著不同的生活方式。有一些是極度貧乏的,然而,他們卻可以堅強面對。而我卻從沒有為所擁有的,獻上感謝。相比之下,才知道自己是被寵壞了。我不但沒有為自己擁有那些珍貴的機會感恩,有時甚至會大發牢騷。 (Arron Choi)

我深知父母為我們的生活,非常辛勞地工作。但,你要明白,我們是青少年,我們不想談這些東西。我們不表達我們的謝意,不等於我們沒有一顆感恩的心。我討厭被標籤。况且,我們是一家人,不須如此拘泥,對嗎﹖! (James Ma)