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寫給媽媽 What My Mother Means to Me

Time is intangible: it passes us by so quickly as if it were smoke. This intransience comes and goes without our acknowledgment, and thus , I want to take this moment to express my gratitude for my mother’s devotion, unconditional love, and last but not least, her incessant badgering.

There is a reason that there exists a day dedicated to our mothers, fathers, veterans, and former presidents.  Every one of these groups of people has exceeded preconceived expectations by impacting lives.  Not only has she given us the gift of life, she has also provided a stable foundation on which we are able to build upon by teaching ethics and compassion.

05-1My mother is the glue to our family.  She keeps us interconnected in a peculiar way.  Though her life is not the least bit glamorous, the stories she tells us about her childhood and daily occurrences never cease to grab our attention.  Her spontaneous stories make up the vast majority of topics we discuss at the dinner table. Many of her stories entail lessons of virtues, especially the one where she taught us that, under any circumstance, it is never right to steal.  Her oracular skills as well as her ability to dramatize every detail in her seem to always captivate yet permitted us to learn right from wrong.She also taught us the importance of donating clothing and various items to the less fortunate like to the homeless and Goodwill stores that cater to the welfare of society.  Every month, she would have the whole family fill up a large bag with clothes, shoes, toys, and stuffed animals to give to our fellow brothers and sisters in need.  She never uttered one word about why we were doing what we were doing, but the great emphasis she put on donations illustrated that compassion was the key to our philanthropy.

Raising three children is not an easy feat to accomplish, yet my mother was able to execute this task gracefully.  Certainly, there were many bumps along the road interspersed with glimmers of happiness and fiery altercations.  I say gracefully because even through our conflicts, she managed to remain a loving mother who cared about nothing except for her children’s well-being and happiness.  After nineteen years of her guidance, I can proudly say that she is a wonderful mother figure, flaws and all.






● Clarice Choi, 女, 19歲  ● 翻譯:秦黃業玲